Friday, November 7, 2014

Memorial Donations for Maryjane Blizzard Thurston

Maryjane Blizzard Thurston
Sept. 6, 1927 - Nov. 2, 2014
On Nov. 2, 2014, our founder's mother died after a long illness. Karen Thurston Chavez's mother was an avid, longtime supporter and contributor to Broken Hearts of Florida.

Karen's mother, Maryjane Blizzard Thurston, requested that donations be made in her memory to her daughter's organizations. Maryjane's obituary ran Nov. 5, 2014: Maryjane Blizzard Thurston Obituary.

Broken Hearts was near-and-dear to Maryjane's heart because her youngest grandson, William -- Karen's younger son -- was born with a congenital heart defect. A few months after his diagnosis in spring of 2005, Maryjane's daughter, Karen Thurston Chavez, founded BHF as a way to connect and help families affected by CHD. Throughout the years, Maryjane regularly and faithfully attended a variety of Broken Hearts of Florida events, including its regional forums and monthly family dinners.

We've established a giving page through to accept donations in Maryjane's memory.

Please visit Maryjane Thurston Memorial Donations to make your memorial contribution to Broken Hearts of Florida, a nonprofit organization that supports, educates and connects families affected by congenital heart disease.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


  1. Thanks for sharing this article - really enjoyed reading this! I've recently discovered the great work that Tony Charalambides and the rest of the Listen Fundraising team are doing! They aim to raise £20,000 by the end of March to help save the Damilola Taylor trust!