Monday, November 11, 2013

High Fives to Our Heart Heroes!

 We Are ... Broken Hearts of Florida
Living with congenital heart defects or other pediatric heart disease (or any chronic or acute illness, really) creates a persistent, underlying stress in our daily lives, and it can be easy sometimes to fall into a habit of focusing on that stress and worry. 

So when I come across a feel-good song about celebrating victories, about living in the moment, about not wasting a single minute of the time we're given, I often feel compelled to let one of my favorite hobbies take over of my time. No, really. I get obsessed until the project is done! When I find just the right song and just the right images and put them together in just the right sequence to create a message that just makes you feel good ... well, I can't help myself.

My 9-year-old is a big fan of Big Time Rush, and when I heard the song, "We Are," on the TV  a few weeks ago, while William was watching the video, I listened closely to the lyrics, and I knew immediately it was one of those just-right songs to celebrate our heart kids and adults. 

I dare you to watch this and not, at some point, raise your hands in the air, or at least give these Heart Heroes thumbs up salute. 

We Are ... Broken Hearts of Florida. 

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